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Onaiyum Aatukutiyum Movie Review | Rating - 6/10

Onaayum Aatukutiyum Movie Review and Rating - 6/10


Mysskin has his own style of film making and never compromises on what he thinks and what he shows on the screen (whether people like it or not). Post the debacle of Mugamoodi, Myskkin is back with "Onaiyum Aatukutiyum", a genre which he is more comfortable with. This film is a thriller and totally in a different league without any songs or a heroine.
Edward (played by Mysskin and called "Wolf" by the cops) is on the run and gets shot. Sri (who is a medical student) finds him bleeding and dying on the road. When the hospitals and cops ignore to take initiative to treat him, Sri takes him to his house and treats him. However Wolf escapes from there to complete his planned mission. This lands Sri in trouble and the cops use him as a bait to catch Wolf. Why did Wolf escape from the prison and whether he will be caught or not in the end is what the film is all about.
As an actor, Mysskin excels in several scenes especially the long one in the climax, where he tells the story of the wolf and a sheep (taken in one shot). Sree also does his part well as a person torn in between the family, cops and the villain, not knowing who is good in the entire episode.There are some hilarious sequences as well especially the ones involving the cops and their lethargic attitude.
The movie starts with the title cards in bold letters "Foreground music by Ilayaraja" and rightly in many scenes, its the music which takes the story forward or makes you understand the scene. Mysskin is known for his unique shots, different and low camera angles, which can be enjoyed in this film as well. Cinematography is good especially since the entire movie is shot in night and outdoor in prominent places within the city. 
However, there are several long sequences (of walking and running) which stretches the film unnecessarily. I am not sure why Myskkin portrays his villains in a uniquely stupid manner (remember Narain's role in Mugamoodi?). Also, there are some illogical scenes, for eg: you find one of the villain standing behind a pillar with a gun waiting for Wolf to come near him ? The flashback (told as a story in the end) is not strong enough to justify the murders done by Wolf. This makes the entire movie unbelievable or exaggerated to some extent.
Overall, Onaayum Aatukutiyum is strictly for Mysskin fans.

Jooce Rating - 6/10

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