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David (Tamil) - Movie Review, Rating - 6.5/10

DAVID Tamil Movie Review

"David" is a multilingual film directed by Bejoy Nambiar (former assistant of Mani Ratnam), whose earlier film "Shaitaan" was a big hit and surprised the critics as well. "David" was also simultaneously made in Tamil (with a slightly different cast including Jiiva). There were lot of hype surrounding the film initially when Vikram was chosen to play the title role in Hindi. Later it was understood that the film is based on the lives of three characters named "David" and what happens in their life during  totally different time spans. So whether these three characters meet at one point in the narration or will it remain as individual stories... ?

To my surprise (as shown in the trailer), the Tamil version had only 2 stories (and not 3 as in the Hindi version). One is about the David in Goa (played by Vikram) and the other one happens in Mumbai (Jiiva's role). The Goa portion happens in the period 2010 - Vikram plays the role of David who is an full time drunkard (after his fiancee running away during his marriage). He hates girls and punches women on their nose especially brides, in disguise. David lives with his mother, his father died but appears as spirit along with him and guiding him in all his decisions. He has a close friend Peter (Nishan) who falls in love with a rich girl Roma (Isha Sharvani) but some incidents result in David falling in love with Roma. Frenny (Tabu) who runs a massage parlor is also close to David and keeps advising him to get married to Roma.

On the other side, the Mumbai episode happens in 1999 (as an evidence to that there is a scene where the protagonist uses a pager). Jiiva's role (as David) is that of a promising guitarist who earns some money in teaching playing guitar to others and by playing along with groups in bars. His ambition is to fly overseas along with a music troop and become a full time guitarist. He has two sisters and lives a very modest life along with his father Noel (Nasser) who is a priest and involved in collecting charity to help people in need. This leads to some issues with an Hindu fundamentalist group who thrash and humiliate Father Noel. The incident destroys the dreams of David and he decides to take revenge against the group.

Bejoy Nambiar shows both stories in parallel and actually succeeds to keep the audience engaged till the end without much of confusion or dull moments. The Goa portion is actually very weak without a strong story line, though there are some interesting sequences which will make you smile combined with an excellent performance by Vikram. On the other hand, the Mumbai episode has more depth  and the performance of Jiiva and Nasser lifts the entire episode to a different level. The supporting actors  John Vijay, Rohini Attangadi, Saurabh Shukla perform well on par with the lead actors.

Cinematography by Rathnavelu is superb and adds beauty to each frame especially the night shots in the Goa episode is worth mentioning. There are several songs in the film but mostly in the background and they do gel well with the proceedings. On the negative side the roles of Tabu and Lara Dutta are not well etched and only helps in increasing the length of the film. Some portion of the Goa episode looks like it was dubbed and hence the lip sync is missing. The point where both stories inter wind is told in a very simple manner with a message which was sweet but its a double edged sword - as some might feel it ended flat.

Similar films with different episodes connecting in one incident was earlier tried by many directors including Mani Ratnam (Ayutha Ezhuthu), still you will like this David. Its an welcome experience for the Tamil audience. With Vikram and Jiiva sharing the screen space and performing superbly, it definitely deserves a one-time watch.

Jooce Rating - 6.5/10

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