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ABCD - Any Body Can Dance (Aadalam Boys Chinnatha Dance) Movie Review | Rating - 6/10

Any Body Can Dance (ABCD) Movie Review (Aadalam Boys Chinnatha Dance, Tamil)

ABCD – Any Body Can Dance is directed by none other than Choreograher turned director Remo D'Souza and produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur. Its supposed to be the first of its kind dance oriented film made in India and that too in 3D, in line with hollywood films like “StepUp”. But such stories ? hmmm no - we have seen several times (to name a few - Lagaan, Chak De India and even Rab Ne Bana De Jodi had similar themes). So what's different in ABCD?

Its the finals of “Dance Dil Se” reality contest on Television. Jehangir Dance Company(JDC) run by Kay Kay (as Jehagir) and Prabhu Deva (as Vishnu, choreographer) is one of the contestants and also the defending champions. But things don't go well and they perform poorly in the finals. But Jehangir using his influences ensures that JDC is announced as the winner. This disappoints Vishnu as he feels they did not deserve the title. It leads to a confrontation between Jehangir and Vishnu and they split. Not knowing what to do further, Vishnu goes and stays in his friends place (Gopi played by Ganesh Acharya)

Incidentally, he meets up with 2 gangs of youths who are acrobatic and dance well in the Ganpati Visarjan. He decides to rent a godown and teach them better dance free of cost enabling them to take part in the “Dance Dil Se” contest. He also gathers some more students who are interested in dancing - a drug addict, a bar dancer and one from JDC as well. And they take part in the will they win or not is the question and you all know the result already.

The big bottleneck for such films is the fact that we all know the hero's team will win in the end. So its the screenplay and the twists which can keep your interested in the proceedings. There are some good twists, some sentimental scenes, some conflicts between the team members, a love affair and few funny one-liners thrown in between long dance sequences in ABCD.....but all these are just as you expected and you still know what will happen in the end.

The role of Prabhu Deva (Vishnu) could have been done by any other actor. Remember SRK pulled off as a hockey coach in Chak De India. But credit should be given to Remo for not falling under any pressure and casting Prabhu Deva as the main character in the film. He is totally in a different territory of Bollywood. We all know his dancing talent and he might have directed few successful films as well in Hindi, but as an actor, I thought it would be difficult for him to pull it off. Prabhu Deva though underplays his role, he tries hard to make an impact here. He also speaks in his own voice which adds more authenticity to the character which he plays (from Chennai) but at the same time its an disappointment for the Hindi viewers. He couldn't have asked for a better role than a dance master and makes use of the opportunity by showing his dancing talent (watch out for the dance sequence before interval). Kay Kay does the usual stylish villain role and sometimes goes over board in his acting. The supporting actors including Ganesh Acharya and the team of dancers perform well.

The music by Sachin Jigar is apt for the film. The songs are all dance oriented and you can be forgiven if you didn't bother to listen to the lyrics..because you will be glued onto the screen watching the dancers perform. That's the strength of the film. The 3D did not have much effect and I think its fine if you watch the 2D version also. Editing could have been better, some more trimming would have helped to make the film more crisp. At one point, you may think there is an overdose of dance in the film. But that's what you have come to watch.....and the dancers do perform well. The film also gives an expansion for the words DANCE, but for some reason the A (for Awesome) changes to A (for Attitude) in the second half... was it an error ?

ABCD is all about following your passion to dance with heart and soul. But somehow in the end, you feel its more entertainment than passion, a better screenplay could have helped here. Remo D'Souza has selected a theme very relevant to his strength this time (as choreographer) and succeeds to some extent.
If you are a dancer or studying dance or if you like the reality shows in Television, then its going to be good fun for you guys. For others, you can gather a group of friends, grab some pop corn and go watch the film for some time-pass.
Jooce Rating - 6/10

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